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Milne and Mutt's social walks are fun for you and your dog. This is a great opportunity to allow your dog to practise their social skills in a calm and controlled way. It is also a great chance for you to meet other owners and swap stories about your dog. It's a perfect opportunity to watch how your dog communicates with their new friends and with my help you'll learn what good dog to dog communication looks like.

This is a relaxed walk around a park.

Socialisation at it's best. 

Open to all past and present Milne and Mutt clients. 



"The walk yesterday was wonderful. Santos had such a great time. Myself and Isaac throughly enjoyed it, and cannot wait for the next one."


" Gulliver gives it 5 organic (almost certainly artisan) chicken treats out of 5. 


We are very pleased that G met other puppies and thoroughly enjoyed it, so hope that there will be another soon. "


"Jemma is totally amazing. Had such fun in the park with the other dog owners. It was great chatting with other like minded people and their experiences with having their new dog. At the end Jemma put on a game which all of us enjoyed. Great day, great company and a fantastic goodies bag with dog treats. Thank you Jemma for such a lovely day"

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