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Clicker Training

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

How to clicker train my dog Clicker training

Clicker training is in my opinion the most effective way to train our dogs. A clicker is a small plastic box with a metal sheet inside, when pressed, the box makes a 'click' sound and after the dog hears the click, he is given a tasty treat. The click sound soon becomes a signal to the dog that they have done something right. For example, if you ask your dog to sit, as soon as he sits, you click and then follow with a food reward, you have then marked the exact moment that your dog performed the desirable behaviour, in this case sitting. The reinforcer (food reward) immediately follows the the click, then the behaviour that happened during the click was positively reinforced.

Clicker Training How to clicker train my dog


How to clicker train my dog

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