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Dog Training Sessions
South East London

Jemma at Milne and Mutt offers bespoke 121 dog training and group classes in South East London. Positive, reward-based training methods to help with all of your training needs.

For dogs ages 6 months +. 


With sessions planned completely to the needs and lifestyle of you and your dog. Sessions will take place either in your home, outdoors or a combination of both. 

121 Dog Training Sessions

Training can include:

  • General training, sit, down, stand, stay, leave, drop etc

  • Recall training

  • Focus and engagement on owner

  • Polite greetings at home and outdoors

  • Relaxed lead walking

  • Settle behaviours for home and different environments

  • Trick training

  • Settling a new rescue dog

  • Behaviour help

If you have an area of concern with your dog and it's not included in the list below please do get in touch, I can help with all many problems and if I can't help then I will recommend a great behaviourist


Discounts for booking in multiple sessions.

5x Session Package- £450 (save £25)
4x Session Package- £365 (save £15)
3x Sessions Package-£275 (save £10)
2x Session Package- £185 (save £5)
Single Session -£95

Please note invoice sent once booking in confirmed.

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121 Dog training south east london
Dog Group Training Classes
In person group classes dog classes in South East London.
Venues: Elly's Ark Daycare, Lee, SE12 

Classes run for 5 consecutive weeks- £220

What we cover:

  • Introduction to Whistle Recall

  • Polish up the basics

  • Focus and Attention Games

  • Husbandry Training- how to build in happy grooming, nail clipping etc

  • Recall- tighten up recall tool kit

  • Advanced Settling

  • How To Manage Arousal Levels

  • Loose Lead Walking/ Heelwork

  • Emergency Stop

  • Introduction to Scent games

  • Learn a new trick

121 Dog training south east london

Milne and Mutt FAQs

How long will each session last?
Each session will last one hour.

Should I feed my dog before the session?
If our session is close to the time that your dog normally eats then please give them half of their meal. We will be using treats so leave some room for those.

What should I bring to the session?
Please prepare a selection of small training treats that your dog can eat quickly. Nothing too chewy.
Water for your dog.
A flat collar
A harness
A regular lead (roughly 4-8 feet long) No flexi leads please.

How do I pay for my session?
I will send you an invoice which will have the bank details in the bottom left corner of the invoice. Please put your dog’s name and your last name as a reference for the payment. All fees for sessions need to be paid in advance or on the morning of our first session.

Can the family take part?
Yes everyone is welcome to take part, children must be supervised.

What if I need to cancel?
Please note if you are unable to keep the appointment schedules 48 hours notice must be given. The full cost will be charged for non-appearance or cancellation if less than 48 hours notice is given

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