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If you are not in our catchment zones then you can work with me online. Online sessions will be done over Zoom or Facetime. 

  • I will provide you with a written report and demonstration videos.

Training can include:

  • General training, sit, down, stand, stay, leave, drop etc

  • Recall training

  • Focus and engagement on owner

  • Polite greetings at home and outdoors

  • Relaxed lead walking

  • Settle behaviours for home and different environments

  • Trick training

  • Settling a new rescue dog

  • Behaviour help

If you have an area of concern with your dog and it's not included in the list below please do get in touch, I can help with all many problems and if I can't help then I will recommend a great behaviourist

Each session will last 1 hour 

1 session - £70

2 sessions- £130

3 sessions- £195
4 sessions- £280
5 sessions- £325 

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