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Dog Training Classes in South East London

Find the perfect class for your dog. We are proud to offer a range of classes to suit dogs of all ages and abilities.

Come and join us in one of our group classes.

  • Positive, Reward-based Training in small class sizes

  • Big Indoor Venues, so plenty of space

  • Handouts after each class

  • Class runs for 1 hour

​​Class Locations:​

 Deanfield Primary School-Dairsie Rd, London SE9 1XP

Elly's Ark Daycare- 6 Leegate, Lee Green, SE12 8SS

All classes cost £210 for 5 weeks

Puppy Group Training Classes
Next Class:
January 2024
Deansfield Primary School, Eltham
Saturday 13th January- Saturday 10th February
Elly's Ark Daycare, Lee, 
15th January- Monday 12th February 
Group Dog & Puppy classes in South East London

This is the perfect class to bring a new puppy to, we create a controlled and calm environment where your puppy will be able to learn all the foundation behaviours whilst socialising with other puppies and humans. 

All puppies are different and some puppies just aren't ready to interact the same as other puppies so we make sure to help owners learn how to read their puppy's body language so that all puppy interactions are positive. This allows us to build confident puppies, as we always provide them with choices in everything during a class.​

Our training methods are positive reinforcement, reward-based training. The aim is for the class to be enjoyed by all.

What to expect:

  • Sit, Down, Stand

  • Leave

  • Focus and Attention Games

  • How to Settle

  • Recall

  • Brain Games

  • Puppy Play & Socialisation

  • Walk Nicely On The Lead

  • Drop

  • Stay/Wait

  • No jumping



Group Dog & Puppy classes in South East London
Junior Level- Up

This class is aimed at dogs aged 6 months +, who have all had some basic training and have a good understanding of behaviours such as stay, down, loose lead, touch, settle, leave. 

Classes run for 5 consecutive weeks- £210

No upcoming dates.



What we cover:

  • Introduction to Whistle Recall

  • Polish up the basics

  • Focus and Attention Games

  • Husbandry Training- how to build in happy grooming, nail clipping etc

  • Recall- tighten up recall tool kit

  • Advanced Settling

  • How To Manage Arousal Levels

  • Loose Lead Walking/ Heelwork

  • Emergency Stop

  • Introduction to Scent games

  • Trick Training


Group Dog & Puppy classes in South East London
Pet Gundog Class

Classes run for 5 consecutive weeks- £210


Our pet Gundog class is a fun introduction to the basics of Gundog training. This class will give you so much to play with on your dog walks, it will help to enhance your recall, dogs focus and loose lead walking. It's so much fun! 

Why Pet Gundog Training?

Pet Gundog training allows you to truly nurture a dog's natural instincts. Working gundog breeds are often not given the right outlets to meet their needs and quite often they become bored and even worse self-employed.

Many owners struggle to hold their gundogs focus outdoors, as distractions often led the dog astray. Harnessing your pet gundogs needs will give you the foundations to help you to manage and understand your dog, especially outdoors on a walk. 

Gundogs are required to be under control at all times unless instructed otherwise by their handler, so this is the perfect training to truly work on all the components to build solid behaviours such as recall, steadiness (stay) and heelwork.


The course will cover exercises such as

  • Heelwork

  • Recall

  • Place board training

  • Stops

  • Retrieving and hunting

  • Whistle Cues

Next class:
January 2024
Saturday 13th January- Saturday 10th February



Group Dog & Puppy classes in South East London
Scentwork Class

Classes run for 5 consecutive weeks- £210

This course can be taken by a dog of any age.


This a fun and interactive course where you and your dog will learn the skills of scentwork. By the end of the course, your dog will confidently be able to search for the target odour and do a passive indication.

The odour that the dogs will search for is Red Kong.




Group Dog & Puppy classes in South East London
Loose Lead Walking Workshop

Next workshop-
Coming soon..

Elly's Ark Daycare, Lee, SE12

2 week workshop- 75 minute sessions


  • 5 months +

  • Dogs must be comfortable being in a space with other dogs.

  • Max 6 dogs per class


Do you dread walking your dog? Have walks become unbearable? Well you are not alone, pulling on the lead is one of the areas I spent most time working on with clients. Let me help you to put the fun back into walking your dog.

Our fun practical loose lead workshop will help you to build a valuable zone for your dog to love walking in. With fun games and exercises you will leave feeling more confident to continue working on loose lead walking.  

Group Dog & Puppy classes in South East London
Scent Work Workshop

Next workshop-


Elly's Ark Daycare, Lee, SE12

2 week workshop- 60 minute sessions



  • Any age

  • Dogs must be comfortable being in a space with other dogs.

  • Max 4 dogs per workshop


Have you ever wanted to try scent work with your dog? I am excited to bring you an Introductory to Scent Work 2 part workshop.

This class will take you through the basics of getting started with scent work, teaching you how to imprint an odour, how to build an indication and start to search for the odour.

Scent work has so many benefits to dogs:

  • It is a low impact and tiring activity, perfect to learn before the boiling hot summer days when walks are limited. They say 10 minutes of scent work is like an hours walk.

  • It is perfect for any age of dog from young puppies to older dogs.

  • It is a wonderful way to bond with your dog, you are a team when it comes to scent work and your dog is the team leader.

  • It is perfect mental enrichment.

  • Scent work can be a good way to introduce dogs to new environments or situations, if they are on a job and problem solving then they won't feel worried. Disclaimer your dog must enjoy scent work, to begin with, and have had lots of practice in a safe and comfortable place

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