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Pet Gundog Training South East London

I am thrilled to now offer Pet Gundog 121 training packages. We have been running a group Pet Gundog Class for over a year now and I'm excited to branch this style of training out to my 121 clients.

What is a Gundog?

Gundogs were originally bred to assist their handlers in finding and retrieving game. The term gundog refers to any breed or type of dog that traditionally has ‘worked alongside the gun’. Gundog breeds make brilliant family dogs, from a loveable labrador to a busy cocker spaniel, these breeds make the perfect companions.

Why Pet Gundog Training?

Pet Gundog training allows you to truly nurture a dog's natural instincts. Working gundog breeds are often not given the right outlets to meet their needs and quite often they become bored and even worse self-employed.

Many owners struggle to hold their gundogs focus outdoors, as distractions often led the dog astray. Harnessing your pet gundogs needs will give you the foundations to help you to manage and understand your dog, especially outdoors on a walk. 

Gundogs are required to be under control at all times unless instructed otherwise by their handler, so this is the perfect training to truly work on all the components to build solid behaviours such as recall, steadiness (stay) and heelwork.


What is covered in Pet Gundog 121s?

Our training packages will give you so much to play with on your dog walks, it will help to enhance your recall, dogs focus and loose lead walking. We will cover, 

  • Heelwork

  • Recall

  • Place board training

  • Stops

  • Retrieving and hunting

  • Whistle Cues

Is Pet Gundog Training Suitable For Every Breed?

Yes, absolutely, all breeds are welcome. 

A minimum of 3 sessions is required when booking our Pet Gundog Training 121s.

5x Sessions- £450 (save £25)
4x Sessions- £365 (save £15)
3x Sessions £275 (save £10)


Pet Gundog Training south East London
Pet Gundog Training South East London
Pet Gundog Training South East London
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