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Our Top Picks of Tug-E-Nuff Toys

If I counted, I think Luna would have around 30 toys, excessive I know and I can probably count on one hand which toys she actually plays with. Obviously when she was a puppy she would put everything in her mouth so she was a lot more curious and interested in any toy but not so much now. Luna is massively play driven, she loves to play and I was struggling to find a toy that would really hold her attention especially outside. So the middle of last year I came across Tug-E-Nuff and now I’m addicted to buying their toys over any other brand.

Tug-E-Nuff is a family run company based in Devon, Matt and Teresa are not only great toy creators but they are agility champions and professional dog trainers. The fact it is a family run business makes me even more supportive of their products. Tug-E-Nuff ships to over 36 countries and their delivery is super speedy meaning you don't have to wait long.

My top tips to get the best out of your Tug-E-Nuff toy is to never leave it with your dog unsupervised, if your dog is anything like Luna she skins it if she’s left to her own devices. I also keep these toys away from her to create a bit of novelty; I have one I take to the park and a different one that I use for agility. The second I show it to Luna you can see her eyes light up with excitement.

Here is our top Tug-E-Nuff Toys

Rabbit Skin Chaser Toy

This is a perfect toy for puppies, I bring it to all my one to one training sessions and so far it’s the only toy that every puppy is interested in. I suggest to owners that they literally attach one to their belt loop so that they always have a toy to offer the puppy instead of the puppy chewing the back of their ankles or their feet. I also love the length of the handle, another great reason to use it with a puppy; it gives your hand a lot of distance from their sharp little teeth.

Sheepskin Bungee

Luna’s favourite, it’s a perfect size for her to tug and hold on to and the bungee part of the handle is perfect to reduce any risk of injury to human or dog whilst tugging.

The Clam

A pocket sized toy that not only can be used as a ball but even more genius you can pop a couple of treats inside. It’s made of two halves with a velcro centre; the gap is big enough for a dog to get their nose in but small enough that the treats won’t fall out. I use this in sessions to help a dog find their motivation to play, I put a really smelly treat in the middle and make the toy come to life and it works, all dogs then can’t resist chasing it to find the goodie in the middle. This can also be used in agility to reward your dog at a distance, this I have yet to try.

Hol-ee Roller

Another favourite of Luna’s, not only can we play fetch but it’s also a great tug toy too. It’s made of durable rubber, which is proving indestructible, which is great for a dog that skins a tennis ball. The lattice design means the ball doesn’t roll in a straight line; it may change tilt and fall in another direction, keeping it unpredictable and fun for the dog. I like to attach a fleece tug rope to this to mix up how we use it. This toy is perfect for dogs of all ages and size, with the open lattice design it means they can easily pick it up and carry it.

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