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Kong Recipes

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Kong Recipes Best Kong FIllers

A Kong is quite simply one of the best dog products out there. The idea behind a Kong is that you can fill it with yummy, irresistable food and give it to your dog for them to get the food out. It's an enrichment toy that can be made as easy or as challenging as needed, depending on the dog. A Kong is a great interactive feeding toy to leave with your dog when you go out of the house.

My Top Tips Kongs aren't just for using in your home but even better take them with you when you take your dog with you to a friends, to the pub. Make a challenging Kong that will keep your dog entertained while you enjoy yourself too. Introducing A Kong To A Puppy Or Dog I always recommend when first introducing a puppy to a Kong, fill it with something paste like that the puppy can lick and enjoy. It has to be a fun, easy and a pleasant experience for the puppy. It's important that puppies see the Kong as something worth sticking with, filling a Kong with big dry biscuits may actually frustrate a puppy and they will likely give up on the Kong all together. Fill the Kong and sit with your puppy or dog and allow them to explore the goodies inside while you are holding onto it. To help encourage your puppy, you can pop a little bit on your finger to show them what is on offer. Once your puppy is happy with you holding it then pop it on the floor and allow them to continue on their own. Supervise! Safety first! Always supervise a puppy or any dog that is new to a Kong. Stuff The Right Size! Buy the right size Kong for you dog. Kongs come in 4 sizes, each designed to suit the size of dogs mouth and tongue.

Kong Recipe

Leftover Chicken Mashed Sweet Potato Peas Broccoli

Kong Recipe

Peanut Butter (without Xylitol) Mashed Banana Natural Yoghurt

Kong Recipe

Cucumber (Blitzed in a food processor) Natural Yoghurt Squidge of Honey

Best: frozen

Kong Recipe

Dogs Regular Food (Kibble, Butternut Box, Raw) Mixer options: Mashed veg, Cream Cheese, Cottage Cheese,Peanut Butter

Kong Recipe

Sardines in Olive Oil or Tuna in Spring Water Low Fat Cream Cheese Chopped Up Green Beans

Best: Frozen

Kong Recipe

Pop cling film around the kong, leaving the top free. Place in a cup and fill the Kong with fruit & veg chunks, pour in water, add your stick and pop in the freezer to freeze. Remove once frozen and remove the cling film.

Chop Up Different Fruits & Veg (blueberries, Strawberries, Watermelon, Carrots) Stick Ideas: Dental stick, Pizzle

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