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Do You Know How Many Calories Are in Household Dog Treats?

It's really easy to work out your dogs daily food allowance when it comes to their food but it can be harder to know how many treats to give. It's something that I've recently taken a lot of interest in as Luna, my beagle can fluctuate with her weight and I know that I can be guilty at times of not always considering the treats that I give her.

It's actually fasinating to learn just how many calories are in some of the shop-bought treats that are on the market and some of these treats are sold as "low calorie", low calorie they are not!!! Don't be fooled by clever marketing or claims that treats are healthy. A single small gravy bone has 35 calories. There are many household foods that you can use as healthy treats that are low in calorie.

How Many Calories Per Day Should My Dog Have?

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