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Puppy Toilet Training Diary

Help keep track of your new puppy's toilet habits with this toilet training diary. This will help you to see a pattern of when your puppy needs to go the toilet. It's important to note down all of the accidents too, this will give you important feedback that maybe you need to take more trips to the garden. I hear you say, we spend ages in the garden and my puppy doesn't toilet, then when I come back inside my puppy goes immediately on the floor. My top tip for this is to keep your puppy on their lead and harness for toilet time. The garden is a very exciting place for a puppy, keeping your puppy on the lead gives you a little more influence as to where you want your puppy to eliminate. (You know I hate Flexi retractable leads but puppy toilet time is the ONLY time I would recommend using one) Don't forget to take treats out to the garden, once your puppy has finished their business, celebrate and immediately give your puppy a delicious treat, I recommend not using their regular kibble here. Be careful that you don't throw your toilet party too soon, throwing it too soon can stop your puppy mid wee or poo, as toilet party means yummy treat time. Be patient and only when they have finished you may throw the party.

A diary to track your puppy's toilet training progress
Puppy Toilet Training Diary

Please email me for your free toilet training diary PDF, unfortunately I can't upload one here for you to download.

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