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UK Dog Laws

Do you know Your Dog Laws? As a dog owner it is so important to know about dog laws in the UK, it is your responsibility to know where you stand in the eyes of the law and to know your rights. Owning a dog is an absolute joy and it is our job to keep our dogs safe and prevent them from getting into trouble. Remember you are your dogs safe place, if you ever feel like your dog could be in danger or could cause injury to another dog or person, then get yourself out of the situation quickly. It's better to be safe than sorry. Out of Control Dogs Law-Dangerous Dog Act 1992 It is against the law to let your dog behave dangerously out of control anywhere, this includes public places, private places such as a neighbours house and your own home.

It is easy to assume that a dangerous dog is a dog that bites and causes harm to somebody but in reality the act states that if a dog injures a person or an assistance dog in any way then the owner (or person responsible walking, i.e dog walker) has committed a criminal offence. This can include if your dog runs up to somebody in the park, excitedly jumps up and causes an injury to that person. No bite needed, I’m afraid.

If you use a dog walker, make sure that you have signed a contract with them to walk your dog and make sure that you state whether you give them off lead consent.

Dogs in Cars Rule 57 of the highway code

The rule states that dogs travelling in a vehicle must be suitably restrained. They must not be able to distract you while driving or injure you or themselves if you have to quickly stop.

There isn't a law that actually penalises drivers for this but if pulled over by the police and your pet is not suitably restrained in the car then you could be fined and given points on your license.

It’s just not worth the risk, dog seat belts cost as little as £5. I suggest doing your research into finding the best seat belt and harness or even better a crate for travelling with your dog.

Nuisance Dogs Law Environmental Protection Act 1990

A noisy dog can land its owner in some trouble, if the dog is causing a nuisance to your neighbour and a complaint is made, then the local council have a duty to investigate the matter. If the council decides that the dog is causing a nuisance then you will be served with a Noise Abatement Notice, the owner is then responsible for controlling the nuisance barking at certain times or stop is completely. If you get served an abatement notice, you have 21 days to appeal.

Dogs Must Be Microchipped

In 2016 microchipping became compulsory in the uk. Dogs must be microchipped by the time they are 8 weeks old, owners can face a fine if this is not done.

Dogs and Livestock

Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953

If a dog causes damage by killing or injuring livestock the keeper of the dog is liable for such damage. Owners must prevent their dog from attacking or even worrying livestock. It's recommended that when walking in the countryside or any area that has livestock to keep your dog on a lead.

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